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We are an independent life and health insurance services agency. We have assisted our clients with personalized insurance services in Arizona since 1989. We use an independent, holistic needs based approach when serving our clients. join-me-logo

We use tax-smart insurance plans and strategies as we seek realistic and practical solutions for our pre & post retirement clients. We use life, health and annuity insurance plans when working with our clients and direct our clients to network associates whenever their needs are outside the insurance plans we offer.


We focus on assisting our clients with their transition to Social Security and Medicare and offer a wide variety of insurance plans to meet their insurance needs as they transition into and live out their retirement and beyond.

We guide our clients through the various Social Security claiming strategies and based on their specific situation suggest ways to maximize their Social Security benefits. We help couples concerned about survivorship benefits discover ways they may defer claiming benefits allowing for the surviving spouse to receive a higher benefit for the remainder of their lifetime.

We assist our clients as they transition to Medicare. We review their Medicare plan options and assist them throughout the year with their health insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency offering a wide variety of quality nationally recognized companies.

We utilize self-insurance based life and annuity plans intended to address the costs associated with needing long-term care. We work with our clients to select the most suitable insurance plans to meet their needs. We help families preserve and maintain control of their assets throughout their lifetime and beyond.

Through our agency we connect our clients with other like-minded independent professionals who like us, believe in using the holistic method for serving their clients. We offer tax-smart solutions using insurance plans and strategies tailored and designed to meet our customer’s specific needs today, tomorrow, for their lifetime and beyond.

Mission Statement

We are committed to achieving a life-long partnership with each client we serve. Our goal is to give all of our clients the tools and the resources they need to transition into and live out their retirement knowing we are available to assist them whenever they need us.
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